April Redux – 2014 – Siena Ghost

Siena Ghost


Inquisitive ghost

haunting bright Siena day

with curtained glances


Photograph and haiku by clinock

Window Interlude – Who is Leslie Emile?


who is this mystery

behind the weird

shaped window?

is she the artist

or the portrait?

why the incongruous

splodges of earth tones

and greens?

is that a cat

roughly made?

and what

oh what

is behind the curtains?

Poem and photo by clinock.


Window Interlude – Reflections


There is mystery here

induced by light,

not difficult or rare,

a pedestrian sight,

yet magical

none the less,

drawing the eyes

deep into dream.


It’s a sleight of vision,

a riddle of the gods,

solved by

a gazing child

who can’t let go

of this sunlit puzzle.


Lost in this tableau

of reflected thoughts

he is found in wonder.


Poem and photo by clinock.

Photo: Store window. Main St. Vancouver.

Window Interlude – Dreams For Sale


Ghosts sleep

behind this window glass,

their memories confused

by labyrinths of iron

and caresses

of prospective buyers.


Their spines and cheeks

leave no impression

but I see them,

layered deep in time,

all who slept and dreamed and loved

on this Baroque and dislocated bed

embraced in the arms of Morpheus.


The antique sign says

“Dreams for Sale.”

Outside looking in

I am inside looking out.

My face reflects

on haunted pillows.

I pause,


“You are loved”

and walk on.

Photo and Poem by clinock.

Photo: Bed in store window. Main Street, Vancouver, Canada.