acts of art 18 ~ Ibrahim El-Salahi



Art Lives

Beneath our careful, clean and ordered lives

Art lives

In the unimaginable.

In prisons, hidden under dirt.

In refugee and homeless camps,

empty stomachs in the dark.

In the hospice and the hospital,

the asylum and sanatorium.

In the cold, the hunger and the endless pain

Art lives.


Poem by clinock.

Person Avoiding Mortality…

Person Avoiding Mortality by Clinock. 18″ x 22″. Graphite, Conte and Charcoal on paper.









Mortality by Clinock.

From blazing deserts and cold oceans

I walked the road that leads to nowhere,

A hero of my own adventures,

Taking life as my lover and

Pride as my guide

I never noticed, I was blind

To the third always walking beside us,

Hooded and cloaked.

A figure waiting patiently

In shadowed meditation.

But now I sense the presence

Of the third always walking beside us;

And I creep quietly away

From the truth that steals light

From my day.

There is no geometry of hope.

No angle in which to hide.

There is no dissection

Through which light can enter

My empty heart.

The road kill and the graves

Of thousands of brothers and sisters

Share the truth of

Mortality. The end of all this

Is inescapable.