Desert Dream


I dreamed of a house

in the desert

and outside of the house

I met a being,

neither bird nor beast,

and this entity spoke to me

and asked

“why do you wander

in this burning desolation?”

and I answered

“I don’t know how I came

and have lost my name.”

And this strange creature,

neither beast nor bird,


“ there is no journey

that you can’t return from

and we all have names

beyond forgetting.”


I crouched on hot sand,

uncertain and cold,

and looking my companion

in the eye

asked for direction, clarity

and affirmation.

It pointed its beak

toward a blue and barren tree

and said, in a voice

that seemed to me like wind,

“follow the heart

that beats in your heart,

nurture the tree

until it gives fruit,

then eat.”


And I followed the heart

that beats in my heart

and I ate the fruit.

and the desert blossomed

and I am the gardener.


Conte drawing and poem by clinock.