June Redux 2014 – FIN

In June 2014 this was the final submission of my ‘The 100’ series that I began in 2012 in celebration of my 100th post on WP.

Over a two-year span I posted 100 Text and Art artworks, this creative form being at the heart of my blog.

My intention was to present 100 pieces of text based art from historical and contemporary artists, from my ex students and from my own hand.

With this post it was done


completed, concluded, fulfilled,

finished and finalized.


Remember the endings of those romantic,

enigmatic, exotic and erotic

French movies?




Time to put on hats and coats,

shuffle through popcorn detritus and cola cans,

leave the cosy sentiments of make-believe,

the warmth of shared fantasies and holding hands,

the smells of perfume, upholstery and sweat,

and stumble through swinging doors

into the glare and noises of the street,

stunned for a moment, floating between

two worlds,

 uncertain which is real.




art and poem by clinock

Deja vu – haiku – Friday Dream


searching by moonlight

stumbling through deep shadows

dreamers lose their way


haiku and photo by clinock

redux from 2014

Mexico Redux #7 – the Dance of Life


So, Clinock, enough already with these Redux posts – when are you going to publish some new art? Well my friends – I’m working on it – not just for you but also for me, me, me (it’s all about me don’t ya know). I’ve been delightfully   moodling –  happily idling, dawdling and puttering.

This redux is from Mexico last year with strong connections to Easter which will be hatching for us all soon.

All photos by yo. Click on images for larger detail.


Spring 2012 – Hundreds of Indigenous dancers from across Mexico and from many tribes in North America recently gathered in the center of San Miguel De Allende to celebrate a local religious event connected to Easter festivities and ritual. When viewing the photos you can complete the picture by imagining the swirling movement of the dancers combined with the sensual intensity of the loudest drumming I have ever heard, the explosion of fireworks and the ringing of church bells.



This is an event that combines pre-Christian spring ritual with Catholic beliefs. J.C. (not me) is ever present but becomes a partner in the timeless dance of life.



I was blown away by the sensuality – sound, colour, movement, intensity and shared humanity of these dances. My Vancouver home has little to compare with these celebrations of new life – too much sangfroid in our northern climes.



The inclusion of animals in the dress of the dancers was a reminder of our sharing of this planet with all living creatures. In Mexican mythology and legend animals play a leading role. We are all animals – which one do you choose to be?


Sharing water – do you all grok this?