Musa Inesperada 1

Musa Inesperada 1

Unexpected muse – oscillating

in chiaroscuro tangos,

moon dance, fireflies, shifting light,

manifest yet amorphous in the night,

mysterious source, ambiguous arrivals,

uncharted departures.


A cracked piano in an old cafe,

waltz of anima and shadow,

words whispered – veiled metaphors,

images sent – fragments revealed,

suggested interplay of possibilities,

glimpses of visions.


Weaver of dreams, I recognize

those doors that open in your eyes,

the glittering fish that part your lips,

and the tangled webs of art and Eros

that search my hands, my head, my sleep,

and in the deepest dark of me

something is remembered

and released….


Painting and poem by clinock. 2013.

Painting:  Musa Inesperada 1. acrylic on paper. 8″ x 10″. (Click on image for more detail).