Window Interlude – caught in the act…



can be



through which we catch ourselves

in the moment of seeing ourselves

in the act of meeting ourselves

catching the moment of

seeing ourselves





Poem and photo by clinock.


Window Interlude – Who is Leslie Emile?


who is this mystery

behind the weird

shaped window?

is she the artist

or the portrait?

why the incongruous

splodges of earth tones

and greens?

is that a cat

roughly made?

and what

oh what

is behind the curtains?

Poem and photo by clinock.


Window Interlude – Reflections


There is mystery here

induced by light,

not difficult or rare,

a pedestrian sight,

yet magical

none the less,

drawing the eyes

deep into dream.


It’s a sleight of vision,

a riddle of the gods,

solved by

a gazing child

who can’t let go

of this sunlit puzzle.


Lost in this tableau

of reflected thoughts

he is found in wonder.


Poem and photo by clinock.

Photo: Store window. Main St. Vancouver.

Window Interlude – Flag Waver


Wave on little man,

wave on

against broken blues

and black beyonds,

wave on.

Stalwart your banner,

loyal your stance

against the cutting edge

of change and

the coming collapse.

Wave on little man,

against smashed

forgotten fragments

in a condo garden.

Photo and Poem by clinock. Thanks and credit to unknown stencil artist.

Photo: Stencil on condemned building window. East Vancouver, BC.

artratcafe CAFE – Playing With Your Food #3 – Carl Warner

Chocolate Express
Chocolate Express

Playing With Your Food #3 presents British photographer, Carl Warner. Born in Liverpool England in 1963, Carl now lives in Kent and works from his London based studio near to London Bridge’s colourful food emporium of Borough Market. Having worked as a photographer in the advertising business for 25 years Carl stumbled on the idea of making landscapes out of food just over ten years ago and these ‘Foodscapes’ have now brought him world wide acclaim for his very own unique and individual art form.

Cabbage Sea
Cabbage Sea

This has led not only to many commissions for international clients such as Nestle, Unilever and General Mills, but also to a publishing deal with Abrams books which saw the launch of his first book ‘Carl Warner’s Food Landscapes’ in November 2010. His work has been used in children’s hospitals, childhood obesity clinics, by nutritionists and many other good causes to promote better eating habits in both children and adults.

Cucumber Bridge
Cucumber Bridge

Warner blends photography and art to make highly conceptual visual images – broccoli are miniature trees that can create vast forests of connected treetops – Italian Parmesan cheese wheels are rugged, plunging cliffs – smoked salmon is lapping water at sunset reflecting the blazing colors of the sky. In a sense, he’s just a big kid playing with his food.

Salmon Sea
Salmon Sea

In the picture above, a pea pod boat sails away from a land made of bread and potatoes, over a sea of salmon. Warner is an artist who makes one think about food and interact with food on a different level that captures our fondness for illusions, brain teasers and fairy tales all at once.

Vege Head
Vege Head

Carl Warner’s food  images are photographed in different layers and the images can take up to two or three days to build and photograph and then a couple of days retouching and fine-tuning. Carl shoots his scenes using a Hasselblad H3D39 and retouches them on his Mac in Photoshop.
His main influences are Ansel Adams and films such as The Wizard of Oz and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Bread Village
Bread Village

Warner explains his creative process in the following video:

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Credits and Thanks due to:


Awesome Blog Content (ABC) Award…

I was surprised, delighted and honoured to receive a nomination for this award from Kelly Graham, a mixed media artist blogging from New Zealand. Check out her colourful and whimsical Kiwi artworks –   Thank you so much Kelly.

The ‘ABC Award’ asks the recipient to name 26 alphabetical things about themselves. Well – I explored past recipients and found that this requirement was, not surprisingly, sidestepped in favor of more creative interpretations.

My own approach is to use my blog name, art rat cafe, as the first letters of words that describe some aspects of who I am – so, here goes, but I warn you that unless you are a Scrabble or Crossword aficionado you may have to work for the meanings. As a modest reward I will list, with effusive praise, the blog addresses of all of you who send me the correct definitions of all of the words by June 30th, (what else do you have to do with your time?)…

Apterous, Rapscallion, TemerariousRaffish, Apotropaic, TardigradeConcupiscent, Anthropomorphous, Fervent, Effulgent.

There, now you all know me better…BUT WAIT, there is more. To play this forward I get to nominate 6 wonderful bloggers for this award. I love this because I can now mention some of my favorite blogs that I had to miss out for the Liebster Award. So, in no particular order:       Amazing seascape paintings, art issues and life stories from Australia.   Brilliant art, writings, photography, poetry, family and meditations on life and spirit.   A different viewpoint on art, Andy Parkinson’s own work and exhibitions attended. Precise and philosophical meditations on the creative process. Abstract art and systems thinking.   Contemporary art by Gregory. His own art and explorations of the psychology of the creative process.   Incredible black and white photography – moody and evocative.    Mari Sanchez Cayuso – surreal poetry with beautiful images – will take you into other realms of reality.

Go see what these people have to offer – I know that you will connect to them as deeply as I do. Happy Solstice…