One Time

one time 2


it was just one time

running from was running to

and the whole world changed


it was only once

twilight of an isolated

and then it was night


it was just one time

two beaten souls smudged by love

and separation


it was only once

but that’s all it took to fly

and the whole world changed



art and haiku by Clinock.

art: mixed media on panel. 10 x 8 inch. 25 x 20 cm.


Lilac Moon


Full moon tonight.

Her name is Lilac Moon,

Womb of Spring,

Hidden by Clouds.


The lilacs are out in Vancouver.

Spring always smells like you,

but it never lasts.


The magnolias bloomed

and were gone

in three days

this year.


The flowers of May

come and go.


The lilacs may last

a little longer.


Because it brings me back you…

art and poem by clinock

Painting: 20″ x 16″ (50.8 x 40.64 cm). Acrylic on paper.


Deja vu – haiku – Shadows


shadows on my wall

memories of your sweet light

now you are away


photo and haiku by clinock

2013 redux.

‘The 100’ #87 – Mezcal Mi Amigo

Tequila Sprite

He is the cover of my book.

His signs are enigmatic,

an ancient coupling

of plant and earth.

He is mystery and music.

He dances me through nights

when muses fail and

desolation sucks my soul.

He is companion, comfort

and consolation

when my love is far away.

He is the desert sun

when light is quenched

by rain drenched days.

He fills me with fire,

when icy winter

clenches bones.

He calls to me

from white beaches,

streets of coloured heat,

and flowering Jacaranda trees.

He is illusion and magic

leaping from reality to dream

and back again.

I know him as trickster,

magician and friend.

Like a woman he caresses me

inside and out.

Like a woman he comes and goes

with the ocean moon.

I hold him inside my blood

as I would hold the one I love,

drinking his fragrance,

inhaling his deep intoxication

on unshared pillows

of a bed too wide.

Painting and poem by clinock.

‘The 100′ series was initiated by my 100th Post in April 2012. As text and images are the essence of my blog my intention is to present 100 pieces of text based art from historical and contemporary artists and from my own hand. To view the series to date click on ‘The 100’ in my Category Menu.

Shadows On My Wall

Shadows 2

shadows on my wall

memories of your sweet light

now you are away


photo and haiku by clinock

A Case of You (4)


it is not so long since

you fell away

into unexpected distance

and fragmented silence,

and yet, as in knowing you,

it fills a lifetime.


this summer night

wraps me in your absence,

warm and stitched

by wired crows

blackly drawn

on electric staves

scratching empty sky

with torrid blues.


dusked and lost

I walk in circles as

you crystallize in me,

a rose between my ribs,

wild surf in my eyes,

brambles penetrating bone,

hot winds across my thighs

and a dislocation

in my reaching hands.


I wonder how it is for you

to have me rolling

in your highway head

like a loose marble

in a roaring train;

rattling, tickling, falling

between bare legs

under your clutch,

sounding a different beat

to the radio’s song.


this is a space of consequence,

a chant of meditation,

a cello in an empty church,

the long cry of a loon,

howling of ragged wolves

in moonlight

and all the choirs of my heart

calling you home.


/ art and poem by clinock /