The Lion Cometh (2)

old lion

The following humorous monologue was originally written and performed by Stanley Holloway and read here by Roy Hudd. As a child I loved this, still do.

Green Lion

This series of posts are a celebration of my astrological sun sign, Leo, in  words, images and music…


 Lion sculpture photo by clinock / ‘Green Lion’ painting by unknown artist (Please contact me if you know this artist so I can give credit).

The Lion Cometh (1)


Leo is my sun sign – yesterday, at the edge of a full moon, the sun entered the astrological sign of The Lion – always a potent and pivotal force for change, strength and confirmation in my life.

Leo Star

My Leo Star, drawn from the astrological colours given to this sign.

Brit lion

Even though the nature of the  lion is a powerful part of who I am, his domestic kin, the pussycat, is a more present and comfortable spirit to share my days. I waver frequently between both energies. Cats have always been my constant companions but lions have only been close to me in my dreams.

Mr B

This and the next few posts will be in honour of the Lion, in words, images and music…

art and photos by clinock / British Lion painting by L D Luard.