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italian manikins



Photo by Clinock

Demented Confessions 13 – A Brush With Death

brush w death

sorry, I couldn’t resist


a Brush with Death. by clinock. 6″ x 8″ (15 x 20 cm). Mixed media relief in cradled panel.

Demented Confessions 2 – The Dive

The Dive

leaving the eye nest

waiting to dive into green man

this is who we were


Art and haiku by clinock.

The Dive. 8″ (20.32 cm) x 6″ (15.24 cm). Mixed media relief in cradled panel.

Humorous Interlude – DIY. LOL.


My LOL challenge: Submit a humorous caption for this photograph in your comment.

The funniest caption writer will win a signed copy of my underwear. (How can you resist) 😉

Photo by clinock

Humorous Interlude – tight parking trick

tight parkingWarning: this tight parking technique will only prove successful if you have the Hydro Pole Absorption App installed in your vehicle.

Photo by clinock.

The Lion Cometh – 2 – (Redux)

old lionThe following humorous monologue was originally performed by British humorist Stanley Holloway and read here by Roy Hudd. As a child I loved this and still do.

Green LionThis series of posts are a repeat celebration of my astrological sun sign, Leo, in  words, images and music…Please see #1 for more detail.

LEOItalian Lion sculpture photo by clinock / ‘Green Lion’ painting by unknown artist (Please contact me if you know this artist so I can give credit). / Leo wall art by unknown Italian artist.