Birthday Poem

Fragmented Enchanted

After all is said and done

it’s just a rainbow ‘round the sun,

another ring-toss ‘round a star,

a bear stuck in a honey jar,

an ancient number scratched in rock,

a ticking tap, a dripping clock.

Years pass like apes in papered parlors,

time is their hunger

and we’re all bananas.


What more can be said at another turning?

We grow older and sometimes we grow.

We are so very young.

We move from light into darkness

and back into light.

We come often to the edge

and peer over – encountering ourselves.

We merge our colours with gentle care.

We learn from losing.

We are never quite the same

after we have kissed the sun.

What we have separated before its time

always returns when least expected

to be blessed and clarified.

Each circle brings problems bearing gifts,

each turning is a mirror in which we are reflected

and our reflections are our shining,

and our shining is our love.

Art and Poem by clinock (redux)