Tree Warrior (renovation art 2)


He has nature at his back,

skeleton of winter,

spine of a ragged warrior.


He has shield and lance,

the correct expression,

the strength of will,

the iron of purpose.


But can he protect us

from the passing of the trees?


As goes the forest

so go we all.


Art and poem by Clinock.

Sculpture: Tree Warrior by Clinock.  Height 12” x Width 4” x Depth 3” (varies). Fired and stained clay / chopstick / yarn / tree branch / beads / rusted tin.

Stories of my art – painting in San Miguel – ‘Rite of Spring.’

Rite of Spring. 22" x 30". acrylic on paper. (Ptg #19).
Rite of Spring. 22″ x 30″. acrylic on paper.

Painting in San Miguel De Allende, Mexico. Working daily in a sun dappled and heat inspired patio filled with sculptures and art work; cats and street sounds; the coming and going of art students, nut sellers and memories of dank, dark, vibrating green northern forests. The coloured modules, evoked by the Aztec sun god, converse with the tree spirits who dance to the songs of ancient, Haida voices.