fāz/ Ada and Anna.

Ada and Anna

Ada is a very sweet older lady who takes her very sweet older dog for a stroll and a poop every day in my hood.

Ada and I talk whenever we chance to meet by the gate.

Ada told me she named her dog Anna after her only daughter because her dog, Anna, is more respectful and more caring than Anna her daughter who is always “just too stressed” from selling real estate in Toronto to visit her mother in Vancouver.

Ada smells of Lily of the Valley Eau De Cologne and mothballs and Anna of fading lavender doggy wash and fresh poop.

Neither bite. Neither still possess reliable teeth.

Ada told me that she was a secretary for 30 years to a sporting goods tycoon named Albert Snow! She never married because she was in love with Albert Snow who was married.

Albert Snow’s wife, Abigail, was an Alcoholic.

Ada sent Abigail Snow a case of the very best and strongest moonshine on every possible occasion…

Ada always says, “Generosity killed the cat”…she also always tells me to never settle for second best.


(The mostly unreadable collaged text is taken from a typing instruction manual from the 1950s.)


Throughout the winter I will be sharing my work from my year away.

Most of the fāz/ series was painted in Mexico. They are faces looking out from that burning line of incomprehensible magic where outside becomes inside and inside becomes outside. They emerged, fast and furious dragons, their birth carrying image and spirit fire of others and myself, mostly myself.

I like to hang out with this new family, many of them make me laugh, some are welcome spirit guides, some are too tragic for words, all are teachers.

fāz/, pun very much intended, also a confluence of other meanings on many levels:

*a distinct period or stage in a process of change or forming part of something’s development.

* a stage in a person’s psychological development.

*a genetic or seasonal variety of an animal’s coloration.

* carry out (something) in gradual stages.

origin: early 19th century (denoting each aspect of the moon): from French phase, based on Greek phasis ‘appearance,’ from the base of phainein ‘to show.’

all spiraling into the guts of each painting and back into my heart.

Ada and Anna. 18”x14”. Acrylic and mixed media on paper and panel. By clinock.

It’s Just A Face I’m Going Through. 7.

Tarot Reading - a sketch for a painting

(Drawing and poem by Clinock)






The threat of swords summons fear

And a dead bird darkens

The clear stars of choice.

Numbers reveal blindness

To the heart’s armor.

Flowing is blocked from the inside,

The river is damned,

Games are played like fish,

Love’s simplicity is torn and tangled

And ghosts veil the light.

Yielding affects the desired transmutation.

Quiet loving acceptance is the way.

Understanding follows peace

It’s Just A Face I’m Going Through. 4.

A MOment in Time - acrylic and pastel

My visual tribute to all MOvember participants – kudos to everyone who sprouted hair on upper lips to raise funds for an excellent cause.