Mexico – Madonna del Mar



honoured by wax and the droppings of gulls

weathered by waves

scratchings of crabs

and the caress of mermaids

her immaculate stains

paint the rocks of the world

in mystery

and the salty invocations

of a full moon wind

catch me




photo and poem by Clinock


Stranded (renovation art 8)

MermanMerman 2

ocean man, stranded

high and dry under full moon,

losing the magic

of the sea.


ocean man, longing

for waves and distant thunders,

knowing the sacrifice

of sadness.


ocean man, dreaming

of the salt and foam of tides

surrendering the dream




Art and poem by clinock.

Stranded. H.7″ x W.6″ x D.6″. Fired and stained clay.

Amputation Dream

Amputation Dream

I dreamt I lost my right hand,

a mysterious amputation

while sitting in my chair

half asleep and dreaming

and in this dream within a dream

my hand was suddenly not there,

a painless evaporation

of an old friend

leaving my left hand

alone and searching

with blind fingers and nailed tears

for its departed twin.


what is the sound of one hand …?


…a silent scream in sinister solitude,

left behind and grieving

though only a helper before,

a practical auxiliary,

holding while the right sliced,

patient while the right painted,

entangled in pillows

while the right caressed

the ecstasies of night.


dance partner gone

ten now halved

the ship veers to port


how will I now applaud brilliance?

how will I now make art or write?

how will I now be a lover?

fold laundry or reel a fish?

how will I now be symmetrical?


I breathe uselessness

through an empty sleeve.


acrylic painting and poem by clinock.


Broken. 18" x 22". graphite, conte & charcoal on paper. (Dwg #28)

broken in the rain,

repair is complicated

and plans misplaced.


all parts are fallen,

sanguine and separated,

vulnerable to rust.


solitary fragments

wait for the miracle

of reattachment.


magic craves time,

sacrifice and surrender

to reanimate

this static wreckage

that still pulsates with dreaming,

and magic must be fed.


drawing and poem by clinock.

Card Project – Day 6 – Dreaming


Day 6.  medium – collage.

You dream you are the doer; you dream that action is done; you dream that action bears fruit. It is the world’s delusion that gives you these dreams.    Bhagavad Gita