One Year of Blogging…

Image 1 by Robert Crumb.  Painting and Poem by clinock.

Today I celebrate One Year of Blogging. During this year I have connected on-line with many wonderful, creative people. I have been inspired, entertained, informed, educated, enlightened and sometimes moved to tears.

I began art rat café as an assignment for an art course, never thinking that I would continue past the first few posts. Now I am hooked and look forward to the ‘blogging hours’ of my day – to travel the blogosphere and read what you are all up to and comment on your various contributions and receive comments on mine is still a wonder to me. I am so curious about you all and would love to be able to magically bring you all together for a blogger’s party in my beautiful city – to look you in the eye and touch your hand and feed you Italian wine and Vancouver salmon. Blogging is so frustratingly cerebral and although I love it my approach to life is ever a sensual one.

The Other. 15" x 11". acrylic and oil on paper. (Ptg # 28). SOLD

As I live my days and make my art my thoughts are always how I will create my next post so it will be of interest to you. This becomes as much a creative act as making my paintings and drawings and keeps my brain alive and kicking. Back ‘In the Day’ you would all have been my ‘pen-pals’, (anyone remember ‘pen-pals’?).

Time is so strange – it is the Trickster in our lives – it is the accordion playing at my table in a Parisian café, compressing and expanding as it serenades my heart with the music of bitter sweet nostalgia.

After all is said and done

It’s just a rainbow ‘round the sun,

Another ring toss around a star,

A bear stuck in a honey jar,

An ancient number scratched in rock,

A ticking tap, a dripping clock.

Years pass like apes in papered parlors.

Time is their hunger

And we’re all bananas.


I heart you all and sincerely thank you for your comments, likes and support of Art Rat Café. My connection to you means so much to me.

Here’s to you, dear friends, and to another year of bountiful blogging.

With peace, love and good vibrations – Keep on Truckin’