The Lion Cometh – 3 – (Redux)

In the wide savannah of my dreaming,

across the tangled jungles of my years,

I yawn through ancient hungry teeth

shaking the sultry sky with my voice,

filling the scorched air with bloody breath.


I stretch and scratch and roll

in fractured mud and satisfying dust,

my rippled spine crushing a thousand flies,

my knotted mane sweeping hot earth

like the ragged fingers of a god.


My needs are as simple as the moon;

I eat, sleep, mate and mate some more,

I leave the killing to the women,

they are so fast and sure, while I sleep on,

silhouetted by another setting sun.

This series of posts are a repeat celebration of my astrological sun sign, Leo, in  words, images and music…Please see #1 for more detail.

Poem by clinock / Lion photo with thanks to / The Lion Sleeps Tonight sung by Lebo M.


The Lion Cometh – 1 – (Redux)

LEOLeo is my sun sign – on Wednesday the sun entered the astrological sign of The Lion, always a potent and pivotal force for change, strength and confirmation in my life.

I am re-posting my ‘Celebration of Leo’ series from last year with some edits here and there. This constitutes a blogging summer break of sorts for me as I give my days renovating my patio and condo and preparing my art for a few local community exhibitions. Summertime, for me, is not the “lazy, hazy days” of the song but a time when I feel at the peak of my focussed energy and accomplish more than at any other time of year. In this month of my day of birth I conjure the strength and power of the lion and the subtle wisdom of the domestic cat. Under the mid-year sun and it’s heat I am more myself than I am in all other seasons.

Leo StarMy Leo Star, drawn from the astrological colours given to this sign.

Even though the nature of the lion is a powerful part of who I am, his domestic kin, the pussycat, is a more present and comfortable spirit that shares my days. I waver frequently between both energies.

Brit lionMr B

This and the next few posts will be in honour of the Lion, in words, images and music…


Leo wall art by unknown artist, Italy. / Leo Star by clinock / British Lion painting by L D Luard. / Cat photo of Mr. Bunbury who died last year, still cherished and missed. / You Tube video by great Canadian singer, Bruce Cockburn.