food for thought / Barbara Hepworth

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“My left hand is my thinking hand. The right is only a motor hand. This holds the hammer. The left hand, the thinking hand, must be relaxed, sensitive. The rhythms of thought pass through the fingers and grip of this hand into the stone. It is also a listening hand. It listens for basic weaknesses of flaws in the stone; for the possibility or imminence of fractures.”

Before I start carving the idea must be almost complete. I say ‘almost’ because the really important thing seems to be the sculptor’s ability to let her intuition guide her over the gap between conception and realization without compromising the integrity of the original idea; the point being that the material has vitality – it resists and makes demands….”

Dame Barbara Hepworth. 1903 – 1975.



s w inner form hep Barbara-Hepworth-Spring


 Credits to Google images and Wikipedia.

Figure for Landscape. Dame Barbara Hepworth. 1960.

Sphere with Inner Form. Dame Barbara Hepworth. 1963.

Spring. Dame Barbara Hepworth. 1966.

Artist’s Studio (preserved). St. Ives. Cornwall, England.