Beat Mashup -Bukowski – Caged Angel


Caged Angel photograph by clinock.

Thanks to YouTube for Bukowski video.


Street Evangelist

Street Evangelist - scene inside of 'Peek Box' - shoe box size - closed box with hole at one end to view.

I recently made a ‘Peek-Box’ diorama exploring my thoughts about ‘street evangelists’. The container for the ‘Peek Box’ diorama is a simple shoebox with an extended hole at one end to peek through to see the scene inside, ( partial view above). The lid of the box is cut open and coloured gels are attached to let in light – then the lid is glued shut. ‘Mickey’, the street evangelist, is a found toy – his unwilling audience I made from clay and painted – the alley scene is mixed media.

Street Evangelist - Peek Hole view - shoe box size - closed box with hole at one end to view.
Street Evangelist – Peek Hole – closed box with hole at one end to view.

I work, as a volunteer, in an art studio with members who have various conditions of mental instability and / or homelessness.

I hear about and have experienced the self-righteous and tedious sermonizing of the ‘street evangelist’ who is dedicated to converting others to his or her religious belief, concentrating especially on the addicted, disenfranchised, marginalized and homeless people of the street.

While I am sure that many who follow this calling are humane, good-hearted people I also know that there are those with religious tunnel vision who deliver moralizing homilies in a Disneyfied cloud of make-believe and blind faith.

Street Evangelist - one side of 'Peek Box' - shoe box size - closed box with hole at one end to view inside.

The answer is ultimately secular and requires recognition by society and the state that the marginalized population are where they are because we have ignored the roots of their condition.

The glittering facade of our cities will always be tainted by the rusted underbelly of poverty and how this deprives too many of our citizens of the basic standard of living that we more lucky ones expect.

To use the vernacular, I see the message of the street evangelist as essentially ‘Micky Mouse’, which explains the imagery used.

Peek Box Diorama by clinock