A Case of You (2)

The Lovers. 18" x 24". charcoal and pastel on paper. (Drwg # 15).

Full moon in May.

Sensuality blossoms

on your skin

as it

rises to meet me.

I am alert

and vigilant as

oceans swell and burst,

as moonlight binds the limbs

to the night bird and the rain

and darkness trembles

around us.


Within my careful watch

I sleep and dream

of sandwiched sweat

between hot flesh,

of ragged animals walking streets

like fingernails on thighs

and lunar tongues

licking our bodies



This is the peaceful part

of this wave

of oceanic enchantment.

The ivory goddess

has only just begun

her smoky promises.

Breath is held,

and waits…


/ art and poem by clinock /