Strange Spring



If I was going to come back to WP at all it had to be today.
Today is one year exactly since I last posted on Art Rat Cafe.
Symbolism / Ritual / The closure of circles…

I took a hiatus from WP and began posting on Instagram because I wanted less. I needed a brain break and Instagram is a graphic novel. a gallery, a picture book. It’s clean and simple with a limited space for writing. It’s like texting whereas WP is like writing a letter. I like the way Instagram is structured. I can visit other artists easily and look at their work all together like strolling around their studio.

I’m not putting down WP at all,at all… just explaining why I went away and why I like where I went and why I will be staying there as well as come back here. Instagram is my Yin, Word Press my Yang. For at least the last six months WP has been on my mind. To stay or to go? It seems a trivial question now but I’ve been with WP almost ten years off and on and I have great affection for all my Word Press friends. I enjoyed blogging but began to question what more I had to offer.

I was teetering on the brink as they say, to return or not to return as the twelve month circle closed?  My virtual friend, Nadine, gave me a gentle nudge and over the brink I went, the Tarot Fool stepping out into unknown space, and here I am again.

every day feels

I’d forgotten how much white space they give you here. It reminds me of facing a large new painting canvas. I always find it terrifying. Lost in the tundra! The first thing I do is eliminate the white surface using five inch brushes and rollers. Looks like I’m doing the same thing here but with words. And that’s all I’m saying tonight. I don’t know where this may take me, I surrender to serendipity. I do know however that I will be sharing many of my Instagram posts, art and poetry old and new, and maybe I will even open up art rat cafe CAFE again.

Tonight and almost 24/7 my head is full of Covid 19 as is yours I’m sure. When it began it was a welcome relief from having Trump bouncing around in my brain every day. Now I don’t want either, ever again. But they are both real and present dangers in our world and I’m learning, slowly, how to open and empty and be. To do no harm and take no shit…

sweet delirium

Some of my recent pandemic art relieves the text above:

Hope – detail of random layers on worktable.

Every Day Feels Like Sunday Morning – Acrylic and mixed media. 24×36 in. 61×91 cm.

Sweet Delirium – Acrylic on panel. 12×24 in. 30×61 cm.

“Maybe you have to know the darkness before you can appreciate the light.”

                                                                                                    Madeline L’Engle









16 thoughts on “Strange Spring

  1. What an absolutely perfect and beautiful return…. wow. I feel almost a little guilty for nudging you into returning, just as I contemplate a temporary but likely-much-needed withdrawal (which I haven’t quite finished articulating yet… still figuring it out).

    I’m happy that you’ll continue on instagram, since I’d been thinking, ever since that little comment chat we had, that Instagram really might be place to be as a visual artist, and also the potential for making a business out of any artistic endeavour is better there, I believe, if used well. Not to mention the fact that the main place I was able truly connect with the amazingness of your art (truly mind-blowing) was on Instagram. You’re right, IG is more pure in terms of the presentation of the visuals. For me, as I mentioned to you, I feel that in terms of presenting things on Instagram I myself am useless at the moment, since text is more my thing, and it’s very awkward for me to type into those small mobile-phone fields (and publishing to Instagram via desktop/computer is not allowed, except via third party type apps). So I’m planning to take a break there as well.

    If I’m not around for the next while, it’ll be due to facilitating some introspection that I’ve been gearing up for for a long time; but I do plan to return, after gathering my wits and whatnots. Just wanted you to know.

    This is an amazing time of year, in an amazing time in history. Creative energies abound, as do destructive ones. I’m hoping like you, I think, to do some mental weeding, and continue seeking the blooms, in the process.

    You’re a huge inspiration to me as a creator, and I wildly love your art, as I keep telling you on IG.

    Sending love, for you and all your muses. May you all continue to astound and abound.
    xxooxxoo nadine

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    1. Ah Nadine, thank you for all your wonderful words of welcome and support. I understand your “facilitating some introspection” plans. I’ve been there often. It’s important and necessary and my thoughts go with you as you exit stage left. Come back though eh, we need you…astounding and abounding…<3

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    1. And it’s lovely to see you here again Marina. Your words and posts have always inspired me, on WP and on Instagram. I hope you are safe and well. How ARE things in Greece these strange days?

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      1. As do you, my friend …inspire me!
        Things are well. Our quarantine is probably paying off and although we’re on a decline, several days now, we’re holding on to the restrictions to make sure it doesn’t return. So, home bound it is! How are you doing my friend?

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        1. Two thumbs up…so far so good! I miss hugs and physical closeness but otherwise it’s not so very different than my usual Twilight Zone life. I’m definitely going through more changes than usual though. One of the many things that blows my mind about this pandemic is that the entire human race is going through the same trauma at the same time. Before Covid, wars, earthquakes, wild fires, floods and so on were here or over there on the planet but always localized. Now we feel like one family, united against an alien invader.


          1. The Twilight Zone reminds me of my life too! 😉 Indeed, we’re all under the same ‘spell’… sonething that’s always been like that but it took one corona to realize. I hope we remember it after… Take care, my friend!

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  2. I’m so glad you came back. I’ve missed your art and creativity. Please stick around. I’ve debated leaving the WordPress platform Myself but can’t find anything else that I find suitable. C’est la vie.

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    1. Thanks Carl, and yes, check it out…nothing to lose, it’s free and with some patience you will find a whole new community of brilliant stand-up cartoonists like you…


  3. Happy to see you’re still here Steven. Down with a bad case of acne are you mate? Spotty and other horrors? Looking forward to seeing some of what I missed of your art…


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