acts of art 18 ~ Ibrahim El-Salahi



Art Lives

Beneath our careful, clean and ordered lives

Art lives

In the unimaginable.

In prisons, hidden under dirt.

In refugee and homeless camps,

empty stomachs in the dark.

In the hospice and the hospital,

the asylum and sanatorium.

In the cold, the hunger and the endless pain

Art lives.


Poem by clinock.

8 thoughts on “acts of art 18 ~ Ibrahim El-Salahi

  1. How could you not be deeply touched by this artist and all that he has both endured and then created. I would really love to see his works up close and to be able to sit with them and experience. I was moved by his words that first you have to accept what has occurred, and then I suppose he was saying “live with it.” And his intention to tell a story, unclear at first what he would do, but his art had to come out. Burying little pieces? I’m so humbled by this story and this artist. What I take for granted! This was moving, and I thank you, John. Your poem is just wonderful in support of this artist, his life and his creative impulse. Wow!

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    1. Thank you for your caring and thoughtful words Debra. Sometimes I think of human creativity in the arts as being like those small flowers that always find the cracks in sidewalk concrete and push through to the light.


  2. I have found some deep inspiration here John. Like you, I haven’t been on here for a while. During these present times, I am realizing that Art and Poetry will bring me back. Thank you for writing such a touching and meaningful poem.

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