acts of art 17 ~ Clara Berta


I deeply hear what Ms. Berta is saying and I remember all of the ways that my own discovery and practice of my art shape-shifted me. My art was and is the foundation of my life. It has channeled and expressed my love, my anger, my sadness and my loss.

Dancing the mystery I have often been lost but I make my own maps and find my own way and that is my art.

I don’t understand what it is, this enchantment to make images, but that’s how it goes. It’s a compass, a mirror, a shaman, an echo and an infinity of confessions.

Do you have a story about how Art / your art saved the day?


12 thoughts on “acts of art 17 ~ Clara Berta

  1. I loved the way the artist describes her process and the layering. Her words about adding and taking away, were meaningful to me, as she talked about the emotional connection and healing component of her work. This was beautiful, John. I don’t have an experience to share, but I understand the connection between following the art’s process and doing what one loves, as essential. I like the way you’ve said it, too. “It’s a compass, a mirror, a shaman, an echo and an infinity of confessions.” This was an inspirational video and post. Thank you.

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    1. And thank you Debra for always taking the time to share your thoughts. Making art has changed my life in profound ways and maybe I will share those stories sometime when I feel more confident.
      I volunteer at an art studio in a community center open to people who are challenged on many levels. I have seen first hand and often how positive and healing the creative process can be.

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      1. That you’ve found ways to be grounded and to keep your artful purposes congruent with what you need to hold onto balance and affirm well-being, is so important. I think many of us are looking for the “tethers” that keep us strong in troubled times. I really enjoy what you share in your blog, John. I’ve loved the videos.

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  2. Thanks for this sharing, John, I loved seeing this artist’s process, and I’m introduced to another new world of art through her – so thank you again!

    I’ve learned so much through the metaphor of art making (‘the way we do one thing is the way we do all things’). It’s been my steadiest source of peace ever since i can remember, to escape into that quiet place that’s in the connection of thoughts through physicality to art making, letting the energy pour through washes out so much – from grief and heartache, to anxious worries, to the drag of the unending void. I honestly don’t know what would have become of me without this outlet.

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    1. “(‘the way we do one thing is the way we do all things’)”. That’s brilliant Mixy and has peeled away another layer for me, so thank you for it. I wrote it out on a card and pinned it up where I make my art. Thank you also for sharing your own learnings and experiences. I’ve always been inspired by your work, the openness of your process and the honesty of your posts…Happy Spring!

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  3. The past 3 years
    I’ve worked
    as a substitute teacher
    I have many art activities
    that surface
    when the need arises
    for young children
    there was once
    a sad
    7 year old girl
    who was noted for
    for excessive
    I introduced
    Paul Klee
    and our class
    created images,
    of our line
    going for a walk
    her line danced
    all over
    a memory
    of a colourful
    birthday party
    her radiating smile
    a small
    thanking me
    for the best day
    she ever had
    at school
    I’m so grateful
    for Art’s ability
    to illuminate
    My heart
    is filled
    with appreciation
    and respect
    for this

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    1. And my heart is filled with appreciation for your beautiful words Geo. I was an art teacher for 25 years and know so well how such moments can lift one up and echo across the lake of years.
      You plant many such seeds every day, whether you know it or not.
      The children know it
      and remember


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