acts of art 17 ~ Clara Berta


I deeply hear what Ms. Berta is saying and I remember all of the ways that my own discovery and practice of my art shape-shifted me. My art was and is the foundation of my life. It has channeled and expressed my love, my anger, my sadness and my loss.

Dancing the mystery I have often been lost but I make my own maps and find my own way and that is my art.

I don’t understand what it is, this enchantment to make images, but that’s how it goes. It’s a compass, a mirror, a shaman, an echo and an infinity of confessions.

Do you have a story about how Art / your art saved the day?


4 thoughts on “acts of art 17 ~ Clara Berta

  1. I loved the way the artist describes her process and the layering. Her words about adding and taking away, were meaningful to me, as she talked about the emotional connection and healing component of her work. This was beautiful, John. I don’t have an experience to share, but I understand the connection between following the art’s process and doing what one loves, as essential. I like the way you’ve said it, too. “It’s a compass, a mirror, a shaman, an echo and an infinity of confessions.” This was an inspirational video and post. Thank you.

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    1. And thank you Debra for always taking the time to share your thoughts. Making art has changed my life in profound ways and maybe I will share those stories sometime when I feel more confident.
      I volunteer at an art studio in a community center open to people who are challenged on many levels. I have seen first hand and often how positive and healing the creative process can be.

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