acts of art 15 ~ Elizabeth Gilbert

I am thinking Ms. Gilbert’s words apply to all art forms, whatever they may be, and to our own creative process, whatever form that may take.

I am drawn particularly to her idea of recognizing the unbalance of extremes, of centering by bringing our creative passion home.                 Portfolio Site          Instagram

13 thoughts on “acts of art 15 ~ Elizabeth Gilbert

      1. Wow, only 7 minutes… perfect length. I have watched it now. Thank you so much for sharing this! I loved it.

        I related to this so much: 02:47 “…But then I would find my resolve and always in this same way: by saying, ‘I’m not going to quit; I’m going home.’ You have to understand that for me ‘going home’ did not mean returning to my family’s farm; for me, going home meant returning to the work of writing, because writing was my home. Because I loved writing more than I hated failing at writing, which is to say that I loved writing more than I loved my own ego. Which is ultimately to say that I loved writing more than I loved myself. And that’s how I pushed through it.” (—Liz Gilbert)

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  1. I would like to thank
    the academy
    mazlov & pavlov
    survival without salivating
    from illusions
    there’s danger in
    one’s sense
    of purpose or meaning
    honouring ones’ self worth
    sometimes becomes
    dangerously confused
    with pleasing others
    I would also
    like to thank the fans
    and all my heroes
    for continuiosly
    my dreams

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  2. I love what she said about identifying “home.” This is a very inspirational talk, John. I have a few friends who follow Elizabeth Gilbert very closely and from time to time they’ll share something she’s inspired them with and I’m usually impressed. She has a clear creative point of view, and she is very good at sharing it. 🙂

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  3. I adore LG, although I only read one of her books, I love every interview with her I’ve ever watched or listened to. (The book I read was Big Magic – recommend it if you don’t already know it – I got the audio so it was even in her voice!)

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