This Is A Test

test 2

As you know I’ve had multiple problems with my site. I believe we’ve got it sorted but with your help this post is a test.

The ‘Happiness Engineers’ at Word Press have been thorough and dedicated helpers. I thank them for their efforts.

To assist us to confirm if we have solved the puzzle I ask you to please ‘Like’ this post and make a comment, just one word is all I need, something to reply to. Thank you.

We need to test the ‘Like’ button and the nesting of your comments and my replies which has been somewhat askew of late 🙂

Your help is appreciated. I’ve learned a lot throughout this process.

Photograph by Clinock



28 thoughts on “This Is A Test

  1. Your site looks as fantastic as ever, John. I can imagine it must be quite the scare when years of posts and images, comments etc could conceivably go ‘poof’. Thankfully that isn’t the case. Happy new year to you!

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    1. Thanks Patricia. I actually changed my ‘Theme’ thinking it might solve the problems. It didn’t but I’ll stay with this one. I’m just relieved all the knots have now been unraveled. I hope 2019 is an excellent year for you.

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