acts of art 7 ~ Happy Little Clouds

“I believe, I believe everyday is a good day when you paint.

I believe, I believe It’ll bring a lot of good thoughts to your heart.”


This Remix honours Robert Norman Ross (October 29, 1942 – July 4, 1995.) R.I.P.

We made fun of you Bob but with love in our hearts. Your T.V. presentations were always so delightfully weird and I confess I can’t stand your painting style. But I also have to accept that you charmed thousands into picking up a brush to try their hand at painting and who can say how far those ripples spread? Who can say how many you inspired to discover paint, explore and expand their creative limitations.

You mostly taught process through  your own inimitable technique, how to re-present one particular version of the real. However, at the same time, you also brought a philosophy of joy into the act of art that spoke to so many who needed to hear what you had to offer.

Thank you Bob.

P.S. ~ I invite you to visit my latest art at my portfolio site:




6 thoughts on “acts of art 7 ~ Happy Little Clouds

  1. I just returned from a multi-day holiday visit to my son’s house, and they had purchased “Creative Bob Ross The Art Of Chill Board Game.” It was fun and particularly interesting to me, in that I don’t think my son and daughter-in-law really remembered Bob. I sure do! 🙂

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  2. Love this as I loved Bob Ross, mainly for his happy little clouds. Last year I got to watch my kids to watch it with me on youtube and for the first time made a painting (each) while watching it. It was hilarious!!! To go so fast with four kids made it just insane and so much fun. Even though the paintings were mostly mud, I think Bob would have been proud.

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