acts of art 6 ~ Gina Stepaniuk


I love this video, how Gina’s words and art process are woven together so brilliantly.

I hear what she is sharing about the creative process and I connect on all levels with all  senses. So much of this is universal.

What Gina says echoes my own experience. How about you?

11 thoughts on “acts of art 6 ~ Gina Stepaniuk

  1. The creative process is very mysterious. As per my cartoons sometime a sketch comes to mind and I have to think up a matching gag line and other times the joke comes to mind first and I having to design a matching sketch. Less than half the time I sit down with the intent of thinking something up. Usually an idea comes from somewhere outside me as though there is some entity feeding me cartoon joke thoughts. I often laugh at my own creations therefore as it seems it is someone else’s cartoon that strikes me as so good. . Lately I’ve gone for weeks even months without new ideas. At other times half a dozen ideas come within an hour or two. Yes, the creative process is very mysterious.


    1. That’s brilliant Carl, thank you so much for sharing some of your process experiences. It’s not always easy to translate the act of art into words, you did it and did it well. I’m sure many of us recognize your descriptions
      of events and challenges along the path, I know I do.


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