acts of art 5 ~ The Tyranny of the Real

The Tyranny of Reality

‘The Painter’s Keys’ – The following from their site:

“A worldwide community of artists from over 115 countries visit this website for information, inspiration, artist advice, friendship and connectivity. Most have signed up to receive the Twice-Weekly Letters, which is FREE. We invite you to subscribe to get the most benefit from this community.”

This is the only website I have discovered that explores the creative process, mostly in terms of painting, with intelligent and eloquent posts twice a week.  I have followed and been inspired for many years. Subscriptions are of course free and very worthwhile. Not only do you get the thoughtful explorations of the day, but also artwork, by a wide variety of artists, that integrate with the post’s theme. In addition the comment section is always rich and thought provoking.

If you have any interest at all in the considerations behind my ‘acts of art’ posts I strongly recommend you check out The Painter’s Keys at the link I have given below. I picked this particular The Painter’s Keys post to share as it is one of my recent favorites. It is also, wonderfully coincidentally, close to the title of my most recent Demented Confessions wall box art, shown at the top of this post: The Tyranny of the Real.

Let me know what you think.

Art Credits: The Tyranny of the Real, 8 x 8 in. (20 x 20 cm), by Clinock. Mixed media.




4 thoughts on “acts of art 5 ~ The Tyranny of the Real

  1. I went to the link and enjoyed reading from “The Painter’s Keys.” It’s a very nice site and I can see how you’d find creative nourishment. Much of what I heard applies to poetry, something I enjoy. It’s very easy to be overpowered by too much stimulation, resulting in a verbal shutdown.

    I definitely responded to your wall art. It was unsettling to me, with the central piece being the doll, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. It makes a strong impact, that’s for sure!


  2. Good for you for checking out that site Debra. It always gives me so much and so I wanted to share a valuable resource with my creative community.
    You mention poetry, do you write? If so, don’t be shy, share a poem with us.
    Yes, I agree, we recognize so much of our own creative experience when we hear others talk about theirs; be it written, painted or danced.
    We are all of the same mother.
    Thank you for your thoughtful comment on my wall box piece. This is the latest in a long series I titled “Demented Confessions”. I posted them earlier this year on WP.
    They are also all on my portfolio site:
    I’m okay with my art being unsettling and I appreciate your accepting that it was and not walking away.
    18 months ago a fellow artist gave me a bag of doll parts. I was beginning the wall box series and couldn’t resist using the small plastic limbs, heads and torsos of the dolls along with other found objects. I have been forever a Dadaist / Surrealist groupie.


  3. John I have joined The Painter’s Keys and tried to like your post but it will not accept my click. Have signed in and still will not work.. It has done similar on other sites. But it accepts my comments…..will keep working on it.


    1. Hi Someone and thanks for commenting and letting me know about communication problems. You may have read my posts in which I inform the people I follow that I am having the same problem. I can’t ‘Like’ but can comment. Actually, as long as bloggers understand why my icon doesn’t appear on their post’s Like list, I’m okay with only being able to comment. It feels more in tune with the original idea of blogging.


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