just so you know

I’m having problems on WP. I am unable to ‘Like’ and such.

And under ‘The Bell’ I have only an endlessly spinning blue circle…

Seems to me there’s been some kind of update and everything is topsy turvy. 

I want to visit you but there are ‘obstacles’…

Sometimes you just have to laugh!




12 thoughts on “just so you know

    1. Ah Deb, ’tis just a ghost in the machine. I’m chatting with the techies and hopefully it will get resolved. Meanwhile it looks as if I can still comment 🙂


  1. Hi John, hope all is going well– I occasionally have similar problems with WP, whenever this happens I will do a full spyware / malware scan [The internet has reached the point where even with ‘ad-blocker’ and similar programs running there will be literally hundreds of tracking cookies / spyware per day], then I will do a disk clean-up and restart… This will usually stop whatever is causing WP / the reader to be unresponsive. Not sure if that will help you or not!


  2. I am able to like a post in notification to me but when I go to blog I also cannot like. Been about a year. I can like on reader too but in reader and notification you don’t see the whole post. I like “likes” because often do not have time to comment or nothing of note to say but want to let followers I came by their blog.


  3. LIKE! Ah….Thank you John. I have the same exact problem with WP. With the addition of not being able to address anything in my profile. What a surprise… I figured they’d given up on my presence here. How long has it been? At least now I have a go-around solution!

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    1. Hey Jana, super to connect. I was away almost as long as you. I think we may have missed an update. The new Editor was also a problem for me so I’ve gone back to the ‘Classic’. I don’t think WP ever actually “gives up” on its members unless a member deletes their account. I’ll be over to POL soon.


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