acts of art 1 – Alfredo Gisholt


To build on my previous post, about creative process:

…Painter, song writer, potter,

dancer, musician, actor.

What is this mysterious energy

entertaining us all?

Food for thought…

I don’t want to be academic, didactic or woo-woo. I confess I am smitten, fascinated, enchanted by the Muse, ( I can’t think of a better name for this energy we ride when we create). I want to share the words, thoughts, art and ideas of artists about their own creative processes.

I welcome your thoughts, art and ideas about your own process.

I begin with Alfredo Gisholt because he is Mexican and Mexico is much on my mind. I saw his paintings in Mexico many years ago and they changed me. Also the serious rains have come to Vancouver and bring thoughts of all the shimmering mirages waiting in the south.

gisholt picAlfredo Gisholt was born in Mexico City on May 5, 1971.


Of his work, Gisholt writes:

” I am just trying to paint a picture, a marvelous large picture. I use simple tools and I have no words.”

“I have no set ways to make things. I draw, paint and make prints and it fills my days in the studio. I do not see them as isolated activities and they all are part of one another. There is an immediacy in drawing that I really respond to. It always challenges the paintings or the paint. I love paint and I see it as a great building material.”

“What I am after is to make something that is animated – as in ‘animas’ or with a soul. I paint and touch the paintings until that happens. Sometimes it is quick and through simple means and other times it takes a long time. I think about the difference between images and paintings – as in fiction and fact. The challenge for my paintings is to become fact – for these imagined constructions to feel as real as a mountain.”


All art in this post by Alfredo Gisholt:

1. Untitled, 2016. Mixed media on paper. 60 x 65 inches / 152 x 165 cm.

2. Canto 11, 2017. Oil on canvas. 72 x 84 inches / 183 x 213 cm.

3. Landscape, 2018. Oil on panel. 8 x 10 inches / 20 x 25 cm.

11 thoughts on “acts of art 1 – Alfredo Gisholt

  1. I find myself going inside, then coming outside to see what I did. I feel this self criticism is central in my practice, gravitating towards eliminating ones preconceptions (on a high) then having to row back out again to see what actually happened!

    With art like Alfredo Gisholt’s one cant help but be amazed by what actually is possible, outside and in! Love those colours πŸ™‚


    1. Ogden, thank you for your sharing. It’s never easy to translate the ineffable but you nailed it my friend. I completely relate to the losing of self in the act of art and then the ‘stepping back’ amazement.


  2. I think the artist saying that his work “fills his days” is what speaks to me. When the muse, as you have identified the creative impulse, comes to us in whatever form our passion, it takes over. I’m more creative with my music than any visual arts, but lately I’ve been thinking I’d like to paint. There is nothing in my experience to suggest I have a talent. I don’t care. I just want the tactile experience of moving color across a canvass. I need the form of expression to flow from me. I may be meeting a new muse myself.


  3. Next time around I will be a musician, I am ever in awe of music. It feels like the highest art form. However, I’m a visual artist this time and I’m in love with what I do. Do you play an instrument Debra or are a voice? I love that you are feeling the pull to paint. Use your hands before the brush. Remember the cave dances of our ancestors…
    Thank you for your thoughtful comments and openness to the muse…


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