Mexico – protegar esta casa

carved Mex face




face Italy 4


face knocker

protect this house

and all who live

behind this door


the darkness of ignorance


 unkind words and thoughts and acts


complacency of mind and spirit


sad and vengeful ghosts





photo and poem by clinock


10 thoughts on “Mexico – protegar esta casa

  1. A beautiful prayer! I want one of these to protect my house! But I do have a King Neptune near the front door who seems to frown. I will share this poem with my Son as he often shares poetry with me and will make a copy to keep on my desk with your permission.

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    1. A frowning Neptune should at least protect you from floods, dripping taps and overflowing bathtubs 😉
      I think it endearing that you and your son share poetry and of course you can make a copy – thank you for asking Jo Nell


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