Mexico – Cinco de Mayo

dance of life 1


dance of life 6



dance of life 4


dance of life 2


dance of life 7


So many souls sacrificed for Mexico,

in Mexico,

May 5th. 1862,

Cinco de Mayo.

So many souls sacrificed

every minute, every day, every year,

in every nation,

at every beat of the drum,

at every beat of the heart

so many souls.


photographs and poem by Clinock

7 thoughts on “Mexico – Cinco de Mayo

    1. Hi Mixy and thank you. I was there this past winter and have explored different areas of Mexico for many years. If I have enough clams to go, I go. My Canadian winter soul needs the sun and heat and colour and music.
      Mexico is my Italia because Italy is too rich and too far for me now.
      This series is my humble tribute to Mexico, my personal images and experiences.

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      1. I get that. It’s funny, another friend in Canada went to an art retreat in Oaxaca in January and says she wants to go again next winter but stay a month 😁you’re kindred birds flying south!

        I guess Mexico is my Italy by this definition! I’d need a month also to make the Journey worthwhile.

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