Demented Confessions 19 – Touch


don’t touch


transcendent / tantalizing

fingertips evoke

The Electricity / The Ecstasy

of skin


a million cocoons


butterfly kisses

Yet To Be Confessed


Art and poem by Clinock.

Touch, 8 x 8″ (20 x 20 cm), mixed media relief in cradled panel.




19 thoughts on “Demented Confessions 19 – Touch

  1. This takes art and puts it squarely in the category of conversation piece! I’m challenged to want to know exactly what I’m looking at. LOL! I really do enjoy and accept the challenge, however, and appreciate your very non-linear and “demented” way of presenting ideas, John. 🙂

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    1. I very much appreciate your thoughtful and observant words Debra, thank you. I’m happy you were ‘challenged’ because that’s part of why I make art the way I do. I introduce elements of ambiguity, mystery and the surreal to open possibilities for the viewer to create their own story. This participation also begins to build a bridge with the artist and an active dance is made. At the same time I should say that photographing mixed media artwork is a skill I have yet to master. If you saw this piece in a gallery you would be better able to see what is inside the red black mesh. There’s touching going on. The mesh itself is very taught like drum skin and feels good to the open hand. I recently exhibited the Demented Confession series and asked the curator if she would place the ‘Please Do Not Touch the Artwork’ sign close to this piece. Think of the wicked tension – Touch, Don’t Touch…

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      1. I hope your exhibit was well attended, John. I was never raised with any particular awareness of art and for most of my adult life I was not particularly curious about mixed media art such as yours, because I felt I really did need to be “told” what I was looking at. I struggled similarly with appreciating poetry. I don’t know when the light went on, but I’ve completely flipped the switch. I am challenged, yes, but that’s what’s wonderful. Now, one of my pleasures is taking my grandchildren to exhibits and just allowing them to breathe it in. They often have greater insights than I do! Thank you for taking a moment to tell me more about your exhibit. The title alone would bring me in. 🙂

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