super moon mellow angst blues

Version 2

four in the morning

there’s clouds but I can feel her

pulling at my heart


Haiku, pastel and conte Drawing Full Moon by Clinock

17 thoughts on “super moon mellow angst blues

    1. You nailed it Steve and are the first ever to comment on it. Good Eye! Yes, I liked the anagram but there’s also a longer tale attached (pun intended).
      I taught high school art for over 20 years in an old but spacious portable. The portable had a mysterious basement with unexplained sounds. Over the years my students, the most creative minds in the school, developed a myth about an art rat who lived in the basement and at night slipped into the art room and stole art materials and students projects that were due the next day, hmmm 😉
      Then we started an after school art club that became known as Art Rat Cafe because we ate pizza and drank tea.. After I retired the Club didn’t continue under that name so I adopted it for my blog….


      1. Better to have eaten pizza than what your phrase “became known as Art Rat Cafe because…” made me anticipate. I understand why your successor would have balked at a club name that included “Rat.”

        “Art” has two more anagrams: “tar” and the “tra” of “tra la la.”

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