studio serendipity – secret message

folded message


A working studio becomes layered with deep and wondrous drifts of raw material that become shifted and shuffled as space is made for creating the piece of the moment.

Meanwhile potential masterpieces breed in the rubble, invisible and silent.

It’s only when I look through a camera’s frame that what was unseen before reveals itself. These random juxtapositions and chance encounters of textures, shapes and colours form an ever changing and fertile landscape of ideas and possibilities.

The power of framing, of choosing this rather than that, of building a fence around wild horses, of playing hide and seek with the world, of focusing perception within a rectangle, of now you see it now you don’t…

Inspiration does exist but it must find you working.” Pablo Picasso


photo by Clinock

edited redux 2014

12 thoughts on “studio serendipity – secret message

  1. Wonderful post John. The camera is an excellent tool to discover unseen/unnoticed stuff all around us…… everywhere! Your studio is obviously ripe and full of rich and magical discoveries. We await more of these!

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    1. At art school, before I could afford a camera and before camera phones, we made ‘viewfinders’ out of card. I remember feeling godlike when I first used it, eliminating everything except that which I chose to exist to be my subject. And as you say, we can find meaning also through the camera lens in what usually goes unnoticed. But I guess all true photographers know this very well.


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