Studio Serendipity – Shed Skins

shed skins


Shed skins of paintings

peeled from abandoned palettes.

A playground for ghosts.


Photo and haiku by Clinock

edited redux – 2014

13 thoughts on “Studio Serendipity – Shed Skins

    1. The texture you see comes from layering palette scrapings on top of palette scrapings (dried acrylic), and colours always seem to look brighter on a computer screen don’t you think…Thank you Rose

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    1. I like the idea of a “cornucopia” of colours Robert. Although this photo was from before I am in fact in the middle of (another) clean-up, or purge, right now. To make space for the muse to appear in…


  1. Excellent poem. I’ve had a long day and almost thought it said peeled from abandoned potatoes. But thank goodness I reread it. It’s funny how words can lead us into other directions. Thanks for sharing your art my friend. Enjoy your weekend.

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