Autumn Blues


My blood thinned by foghorns.

Chilled rain instead of cold beer

on the puddled patio.

Night reflections shimmering

on downtown streets

enter me with a shivering,

stuttering neon.


My skin, stretched by winds of change,

tightens into geometries

of angled cold and weak light.

My eyes struggle against sleep.

The season moves

with the languorous throb and angst

of autumn blues.


Are these the fallen glories

of the winded wings of trees?

or the ragged motley

of a jester at a wake?

I jump in leaves

and bury myself in their smell

as we enter dark.



painting and poem by Clinock (edited redux – 2014)

32 thoughts on “Autumn Blues

    1. You’re very generous Terry, thank you. it feels good to be in sync. When I want a break from the blues I jump in leaves and puddles and I kick them around a bit…


    1. Thanks Ogden, same here. Until today there was at least some possibility of some sun each day. I just looked at the forecast for the week and it’s the icon for rain every single day – Yikes! but should be grateful I’m not in California.


  1. John what a totally brilliant combination of painting!!!!!…..poem!!!!!……and sound!!!!!
    Instantly love Eddie Martin and his blues sets the mood for further enjoying your rich and powerful art and words. Many thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Where to start John? This painting instantly grabbed my attention, then to read your poem and finally topping it off with some blues FUNK from Eddie Martin… what a way to ease into the new week ahead, thank you. Hope it’s a good one for you..❀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. When you popped up on my screen I realised I hadn’t been in touch for ages John. Love the poem beautifully expressive, leaves flying all over the place here. My younger daughter and her two children all write, Deb and Sam being published and all are artistic. Amazing how these things flow through the family. Hope you and yours are well. Best wishes Vern.

    Liked by 1 person

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