Ghost Ride



in this season

of dying and farewells,

even the broken,

the rusted,

the rejected

are touched by magic,

garlanded in lights

and flowers,


and honoured

among fallen leaves.



autumn ghosts

still peddle summer,

wheeling and whistling


the tenuous sunlight

of October streets.


Photo and Poem by Clinock

15 thoughts on “Ghost Ride

    1. Hi there, John and Carl,

      This bike is definitely resurrected with dignity and beauty. “Recycle your bicycle” can be the new slogan!

      You can see more examples of Repurpose, Reuse or Recycle from my pottedplantsociety website under the category “repurpose-reuse-or-recycle”

      Happy October to both of you!

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Ah my friend you should be grateful for the opportunity to stay limber. Scientifically raking leaves comes only third after sex and swimming as an all over exercise 😉


    1. Do you remember the song “Ghost Riders In The Sky”? I sang it to my boys at bedtime when they were little. Thanks for coming around Robert, your thoughts are always appreciated.


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