Tom’s Moon

October moon

Tom Petty died Oct 2, 2017, age 66.

another Wilbury gone,

another empty chair,

another orphaned guitar.

 Rest in Peace Tom,

this full moon’s for you, and thank you

from my heart

for all your rockin music.




11 thoughts on “Tom’s Moon

    1. A MEGA group, a legend even…and in another century, who knows, a myth! Your last sentence should be entered into the book of zen koans – or on another level into ‘The Dummies Guide to the philosophy of raising chickens for fun and profit”…but what I really meant to say was WHY?

    1. and yet Marina, for every one who passes away another takes their place…we are still rich in creativity and always will be…all we have to do is live and learn…

  1. I remember the first time I heard Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. It was “American Girl” and the feeling I got from it of decent, joyous, unadulterated tunesmithery. That was there in most everything he did.

    1. Agree Brian and like so many other musicians now passed from this reality Tom Petty gave his art to us in ways we will always remember. For me – he was woven among the soundtracks of my life – so meaningful – so human…

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