Demented Confessions 5 – The Key

The Key

The Key is offered.

The Angel of Paradox

reveals the riddle.


All I can confess

is I cannot find the lock

and so remain blind.


The Key is offered,

but I’m too used to being

the beyond belief.


Art and Haiku by clinock.

The Key. 8″ x 8″ (20.32 x 20.32 cm). Mixed media relief in cradled panel.

4 thoughts on “Demented Confessions 5 – The Key

  1. Chris and I are both intrigued by your words and image, which is so interesting. But perhaps the key is to think and there is no start and no end, just the unraveling and unwinding of time.

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    1. Thank you Mark and Chris, I appreciate very much your visit and comment. Perhaps you are right in what you say. At the same time it seems to me that there are so many possible answers to what Jana aptly named the “puzzle”. I remain, ‘beyond belief’, yet in love with the searching, the sacred scavenger hunt…

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