Stranded (renovation art 8)

MermanMerman 2

ocean man, stranded

high and dry under full moon,

losing the magic

of the sea.


ocean man, longing

for waves and distant thunders,

knowing the sacrifice

of sadness.


ocean man, dreaming

of the salt and foam of tides

surrendering the dream




Art and poem by clinock.

Stranded. H.7″ x W.6″ x D.6″. Fired and stained clay.

10 thoughts on “Stranded (renovation art 8)

  1. This moon seemed to bring it out in all of us, in one way or another… even the new spring growth some days feels over ambitious! Go away flowers… ! And then something this way stirs… circuitous rhythms! Love the little guy, John. A little sadness here…a little joy there.


    1. “something this way stirs”, well, that just about covers it Jana, as you are wont. Yes, this lunarity here abouts filled the skies with enough gray and seething ocean that I desperately needed ‘stranding’ on the hot breast of some winsome desert somewhere.

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  2. Hi John, that is an intruiging sculpture.

    ( I am glad to see you are back doing posts. I wasn’t around wp much myself so I have plenty to catch up on 🙂 )


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