Red Priest (renovation art 7)

Red Priest 5Red Priest 1

Thigh deep in the swamp of forgetting

you believe you have found the Eden snake,

the flute of the infinite, the heavenly pump.

and you choke and blow and stroke

toward the surrender of the second coming.


You do not remember your own body,

how holy and precious your breasts and tail,

and so you reach out to contaminate the innocent

in the name of the holy

you desecrate desire and are a coward of love.


Art and Poem by clinock.

Red Priest. H.9″ x W.7″ x D.7″. Acrylic stain on fired clay.

10 thoughts on “Red Priest (renovation art 7)

  1. I don’t even know what to say here John…this is so profound…every word perfectly landing. I’m both chuckling and shivering as I read it over and over…. I want to plant it in the ground and see if it’ll grow. xxxooo


  2. John pondering your sculpture is a delight and the nuances suggested here. Then comes your poetry which takes the whole experience to another level. So much time is required to contemplate it all. Still contemplating!!!!


    1. Okay, that’s enough contemplating time Robert. Answer on my desk first thing in the morning please, or, Red Priest will come and bite your ears off!


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