Reluctant Need (renovation art 6)

Reluctant Need.

“Out of the eater came forth meat, and out of the strong came forth sweetness”   (Judges. 14:14).

Reluctant Need by clinock. H.6″x W.6″x D.8″ varies. Fired and stained clay with doll part.

7 thoughts on “Reluctant Need (renovation art 6)

  1. To each his/her own reflection on a piece of art! In response to this one John, I am reminded of a waking thought this morning. When falling into the tight fist of need or rampant desire, and then waking to it, head immediately back to oneself. Skip past the stages of remorse or guilt. Waste of effort feeling like a rotting tree stump! LOL
    Love the quote…


    1. You are right on Phillipa. I adore the surreal edginess and incongruous juxtapositions that happens in these ceramic sculptures…inevitable I suppose, using doll body parts 🙂


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