tête-à-tête (renovation art 5)

Tete a teteTete a tete 2

better eye to eye

than head to head

but better head to head

than back to back


this is the dueling stance,

ten paces gentlemen

then turn and kill

and may the best man win


how do we measure

‘the best’, and ‘man’

while the ‘not quite so best’

die again and again?


Sacrifice is an archaic prayer

of blood, shadows and dark power

but still we feed the endless fires

and the insatiable gods



Art and Poem by Clinock

Sculpture: tête-à-tête by Clinock. H. 8″ x W. 6″ x D. 8″ (varies). Fired and acrylic stained clay / feathers / screws / beads / painted wood base.

9 thoughts on “tête-à-tête (renovation art 5)

  1. Another provocative offering John. Seeing all the markings stirs my imagining of a monthly rite of passage. A deep slice in the skin bleeding openly and not as can happen silently and behind closed doors. With intent it would add up to an intricate scarification design…intimate and personal scarring. A Warrior’s badge enough for the unhealed wounded and blood thirsty acquired with honor only through self sacrifice and continual self healing. And then some may only need a small star on their back where a wing would be….


    1. Jana, your comments are always wonderful and welcome but some are truly epic…this one is. Such powerful imagery rising from the smoke and flame of your stunning poetry. I hear the art in your words exactly and will probably steal it all at some future point to make tangible with clay. Thank you for this special treat…

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