Trucker (renovation art 4)



Sculpture: Trucker, by Clinock. H. 8″ x W. 3″ x D. 6″. Fired and stained clay / collaged toy truck.

keep on truckin'


8 thoughts on “Trucker (renovation art 4)

    1. I’m sure you’re right Jana… there must be a trucker in everyone’s genes! I don’t find this fellow / gal particularly ‘endearing’ but am happy you do. She / he was one of the first I made and I didn’t know what to do with him / her until the Tonka came along…it was a perfect fit 😉

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    1. If you say so Philippa, thanks! I’ve always had a soft spot for the romance of the open road. The Dead and my Tonka and me!…(forgive if I miss-spell your name sometimes, I know several Phillippas and they all spell their names differently 😉


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