Tree Warrior (renovation art 2)


He has nature at his back,

skeleton of winter,

spine of a ragged warrior.


He has shield and lance,

the correct expression,

the strength of will,

the iron of purpose.


But can he protect us

from the passing of the trees?


As goes the forest

so go we all.


Art and poem by Clinock.

Sculpture: Tree Warrior by Clinock.  Height 12” x Width 4” x Depth 3” (varies). Fired and stained clay / chopstick / yarn / tree branch / beads / rusted tin.

5 thoughts on “Tree Warrior (renovation art 2)

  1. I’m so taken by the expression on his face, his twisted leaning stance, his telling eyebrow. I’ve been watching the History Channel series “The Vikings” and to my eye he resembles the character Floki in the series. I wonder if you’ve seen it? What a provocative piece John….!


    1. Thanks Jana and yes I became completely addicted to The Vikings, more or less binged it to the end and yes, I can see how ‘Warrior’ does bear a certain resemblance to Floki, just needs those signature black eye lines…
      Love, “his telling eyebrow”. As a child in England I knew very well the flick of the lace curtain, the telling eyebrow…

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