Owl King (renovation art 1)

Little King 1.jpg

Little King.jpg

Uneasy lies the crown

upon so small a head

as he emerges by touch,

 by earth and fire,

by skulls and owl magic

to begin the dance.


While ‘renovating’ last year I found a long forgotten plastic tub containing about 10 kilos of clay. Amazingly it was still soft so I began working some small pinch pots that quickly became faces. Immediately I understood they were 3D versions of my painted, 2D ‘Inner Portraits’ series. Soon I had 15 small clay heads, fired and stained with acrylics.


I made wooden stands for the heads but felt they needed more so I created clay and mixed media ‘bodies’ to contain the heads. The first of these was Owl King, shown at top of post. I will share more in future posts.

Art and poem by Clinock.

Sculpture: Owl King by Clinock.  Height 6” x Width 5” x Depth 6” (varies). Fired and stained clay / Collaged and painted doll’s arm / Beads.

11 thoughts on “Owl King (renovation art 1)

  1. I love your new site John! It’s a perfect format for your work. I had to take a tour through the archives just to see how this sleek layout translates. Wonderful…
    I had the strangest sensation looking at the “owl king” straight on just now. His left eye swivels towards his arm and I could swear he was looking to see what time it was. (That is if he wore a watch..!) The little guys are lookin’ good!


    1. Thank you always for your generosity and humour Jana, not only for the chuckles but also for new ways of seeing. I cracked up when I saw him checking the time! Glad you like this WP Theme, I had to search a long time to find a design that spoke to my ‘renovations’. Later I will add an entirely new website serving only as my art portfolio.


    1. I love the thought that the clay stayed ‘alive’ waiting for me to rediscover the joy of dancing with it again, thank you Marina. I’m happy too that you enjoyed this piece and hope you will enjoy others to come…

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Lovely to see you again Philippa and thank you – “serendipity leaps from renovations..” I love that. It’s been a sensual epiphany to get my hands into clay again…mud, mud, glorious mud…


  2. fabulous faces. It’s like the clay was waiting for the figures to develop in your mind, it came out when these characters were ready to take form.


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