a temporary hiatus (Dragon Renovation)


It seems that everything

is trying to tell me

It’s renovation time again.

The dragon needs new clothes,

renewed ignition and a volcano full

of revivification.

The rat and lion share this



It’s October. Renovation time again.

Changes wind in the air

with squirrels and drifting leaves

and winter winks

from shadowed corners

and misty horizons.

Changes arrive like a parade

of jesters and ghosts.

I must follow.

And so, my friends,

I leave you once more

for a temporary yet purposeful hiatus…

Until next time,

A la prochaine,

Hasta Luego,

Art Rat❤

art rat image with pa#10EDE

poem and photo by clinock

10 thoughts on “a temporary hiatus (Dragon Renovation)

    1. Many thanks Marina. Sometimes so much is cascading through my life that somethings have to be put aside to make room for others whose need is greater in the pattern of the moment. I love this cozy niche we all share but when certain ancient voices call I must answer…


    1. Not sure about that “bliss” thing Robert but I enjoyed your double entendre 😉 (Myself I prefer to stay in the Zone as long as possible!). However, I’m drained and exhausted right now and find it impossible to give 100% to blogging and 100% to my art and my life…I just can’t generate 200% at this time so need to make some choices. Meanwhile I will visit when I can and return when I am able…


  1. I understand.
    Will miss your voice.
    May your time away be inspiring, productive, re-energizing.
    May it be whatever you need most.
    Looking forward to your return.


    1. Thank you for your kind and understanding words. This blogging thing to me can be as ordinary as doing the dishes or it can seem challenging, mysterious and beyond my power and energy. I want to nourish imagination, creativity and quality in our world. At this time I don’t feel able to do this.

      Liked by 1 person

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