Deja vu – map of my heart


In case I disappear this is a map of my heart,

(should you care that is to seek my whereabouts)

a patched up job, repeatedly reassembled,

it beats to the rhythm of a thousand suns,

stronger than a life is long.

Please do not fold, spindle or mutilate.


Notice how the blue of fallen sky becomes a sea

where angels and mermaids dance in arcs of light.

I rest on these beaches when I lose myself,

cool my body in the waves and drift away.

This is the path back home.

This is the country where I find myself again.


Map of My Heart. 23 x 17″ (varies). Acrylic on torn and glued papers, by clinock

poem by clinock

edited redux 2014

16 thoughts on “Deja vu – map of my heart

  1. Love, love, love this one John….your heart is in excellent shape! (and colour) The poetry is pulsing….throbbing with life energy and imagery! Superlatives all around!!!!!


    1. Ah yes Debra, it’s true, duct tape and glue… and yet the repeated reassembling strangely appears to strengthen and lighten…who would have thunk it?


  2. I was at cardiologist this morning. Scheduled appt for this time next year. Sure feels great knowing I will live another year. Well, I mean I have to live another year so I don’t miss the appointment and get a penalty charge for not showing up.


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