birthday goat man


this sweet birthday folderol

it’s about time

and cycles and noticing

the breath of summer again


it’s about time

and something round and moist

passes into nameless futures

all ribbons, candles and laughter


and then my painted self

echoing my birthing,

a goat man, full of wild asking

and impossible desires


and here again it’s about time,

every year a revolution, a girding of the loins,

another chance to make it real,

another stepping out on the road to nowhere



Painting and poem by clinock.

Birthday Goat Man. 14 x 11″. acrylic on canvas.

15 thoughts on “birthday goat man

  1. Happy Birthday Leo!…… That portrait says sooo much. Duality in volumes! And the road goes right through the middle exploring what exists on either side of it. Yet truth is NOW and we don’t need to go anywhere….just BE!


    1. ‘Steampunk” I like…gets my thought train puffing! (not wheezing) ;). Is the process of being a geezer, geezing?
      Interesting eh how both ‘revolutions’ are spelt the same.
      Oh Another revolution rolls around
      “Well, here it comes again with all its hullabaloo and brouhaha, as predictable as taxes and death…”
      “Nothing to be done…”


  2. Your birthday goat man is awesome. The painting is something to behold. I’ve checked out several times now . For me it seems to be channeling Burroughsian Mugwumps through the ether of psychic stereograms. Just some real magic for me. Thanks for sharing your art.


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