Solstice – Full Moon – Summer Magic

solstice_2“In streams of light I clearly saw
The dust you seldom see,
Out of which the nameless makes
A name for one like me.

winged heartI’ll try to say a little more:
Love went on and on
Until it reached an open door
Then love itself
Love itself was gone.”



Harvest Moon 2

Words by Leonard Cohen.

First three photos by clinock.

Final photo thanks Google Images.

15 thoughts on “Solstice – Full Moon – Summer Magic

  1. I really did sense a different energy yesterday! I tried and and tried to capture a photo of last night’s strawberry moon! I enjoyed trying…no success. 🙂 Beautiful combination of words and images! The first image is indeed magical, John.


    1. Thanks Debra. I’ve never heard “strawberry moon” before, gorgeous description of how it looked tho and strawberries are almost in season here. Is a June full moon always called a strawberry one? Does every month’s full moon have such a name?


  2. I especially like your first photo. It’s got that certain magic. A sense of mystery and wonder as one ambles through life’s haze, finding magic in the immediate while pondering what is yet to come.

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