Peyote Mask-thin ice




Peyote Mask. 18×14″. Acrylic on panel. by clinock

Thanks to Yoko and YouTube video artist.

18 thoughts on “Peyote Mask-thin ice

  1. Cool artwork. I love the depth and complexity of expression. Well executed. Very enjoyable.
    Also, While never a big fan of the music I’ve always enjoyed Yoko Ono’s art. I think she too often gets a bad rap – but her sculpture and theatrical performance pieces and imaging are pretty amazing.


    1. Thank you for your words Terry. I have always enjoyed Yoko’s art and music and loved her for inspiring John.
      This painting came from a complex place and Yoko’s song simply connected too strongly to not use it. I like her mask too, and thought the video maker’s use of lyrics brilliant.
      A humble plant can teach us to remember that ‘reality’ is thin ice, so we place our feet with gentle grace…


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